From the start, our goal for the Strada was aerodynamics AND comfort. While pushing the limits of aerodynamics and comfort, the Strada has two clearly distinct zones: Speed zone: the front half of the bike, with its deep yet narrow headtube, wrap-around downtube and bladed fork.

Comfort zone: the curved seattube, slender seatstays and long exposed seatpost provide comfort while also helping aerodynamics.


Tires provide more compliance than any other part of the bike. Wider tires are better at reducing shocks from cracks, curbs, cobbles and potholes, They even have lower rolling resistance, because their shorter contact patch requires less bending by the casing.

In addition, wide tires reduce fatigue caused by high-frequency road buzz. But aerodynamics are also important on such rides, and the Strada remains the first aero bike engineered around wide tires (just like the Discus wheel range is engineered specifically around wider tires). Finally you can be fast and comfortable all day, every day, with one and the same bike. 


As co-founder of Cervélo, our Head of Design Gerard Vroomen loves aerodynamics. Not just the theory, but real world aerodynamics. So we test at 20mph (32kmh) and 30mph (48kmh), we test with bottles and other “difficult parts”, we sometimes even test dirty and muddy bikes. But while the aero details of the Strada range stand out, he is proudest that it has started a worldwide trend towards more tire clearance on aero bikes. Comfort & speed.


Running cables internally can be nice and potentially reduce aero drag, but what is the point if you end up with a very wide and bulky headtube with oversized bearings to house the cables?

Our goal was to hide the cables but keep the headtube narrow. Quite the puzzle but the result is stunning. In the front view you will see our bearings are still narrow and the headtube even thins down in-between them. In the side view, you’ll see the headtube is deep and with a full aero “nose”.

To top it off, the cables hide inside the 3T Apto Integrale, using the original minimalist Apto shape but with cable guidance. Beauty meets functionality as this gives you full adjustability to find the perfect fit. Because aerodynamics are meaningless if you cannot stay comfortably in your aero position. 3T Strada is compatible with SRAM and Shimano electronic drivetrains, both 2x and 1x.

For more information see MANUAL

design in details


Self-adjusting bolt angle for higher clamping forces with lower torque.


The new standard for road bikes, available for round and oval rails.

frame specifications

For frame specifications, component compatibility, clearances, etc, please check our Strada 1x and Strada 2x Integrale Frames Specifications. Geometry information is found below

Size XXS 51 54 56 58
Rider Height (cm) 150-163 157-170 168-180 178-191 188-201
Rider Height* (inches) 4'9"-5'4" 5'2"-5'7" 5'6"-5'11" 5'10"-6'3" 6'2"-6'7"
Max. BB to saddle rail** (mm) 617 670 706 758 803
Stack 505 511 536 565 594
Reach 345 366 379 391 403
Headtube angle 69.2 71.0 72.7 73.2 73.2
Fork axle-crown 360 360 360 360 360
Front center 567 574 580 596 616
Rear center 405 405 405 405 405
BB drop 69 69 69 69 69
Headtube lenght 124 122 143 172 202
Toptube lenght 502 524 544 566 587
Seattube lenght 487 486 502 515 530
Seattube angle 72.5 72.5 72.5 72.5 72.5
* Rider heights are approximations. For more accuracy, compare stack/reach with your current bike or visit your 3T retailer. ** Note that most saddles add an additional 40mm from the rail to the top of the deck. shown here is the maximum height to the rail, achieved with the standard seatpost for that size. You can order longer seatposts here if you require a higher saddle position.